The Engineers

Drew Vogelman

Mix Engineer Drew Vogelman has worked in music production & post production for over 25 years. He has recorded & mixed hundreds of bands and has worked with many artists including Alex Chilton, Don Cherry, Richard Lloyd, Alan Vega, Matthew Sweet, Barkmarket, Lloyd Cole, Holly & the Italians, & too many others to list here. He’s also worked with notable engineers & producers including Mike Thorne, Fred Maher, Mario Salvati, Dave McNair, & Dave Sardy to name just a few.

Drew’s first studio in New York, Dessau Recording (1987-1995), cultivated a diverse client-list of some of the most vital artists working in NYC at the time. He then went on to design & build several state of the art post-production & web development shops– most notably he designed JWTwo in partnership with Apple in 2001 and then K5 Productions in 2008, specializing in film & video post, VFX/animation, audio recording/mixing, and new media production for commercial clients & independent filmmakers.

Drew opened The Garden in 2009 as a private music studio for him & fellow composers, sound designers, producers, & mix engineers to work in. Besides the extensive analog & digital capabilities including surround mixing & working to picture, it‘s the cozy vibe & relaxed atmosphere that everyone loves.

Ben Kane

Engineer/producer Ben Kane has recently worked on artists such as Chris "Daddy" Dave, Alain Clark and Emily King at The Garden. Kane is best known by many as a key individual entrusted by groundbreaking soul/funk musician D'angelo to bring sonic life to his long anticipated follow up to "Voodoo" (due out in 2013). He has also worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Al Green, and The Roots.

Outside of his recorded works, Kane has been an advocate of finding new financial-life for the finest musical artists of today. His eagerness to find alternatives to an antiquated major-label mindset and his belief that music-makers should be able to retain creative independence in a financially sustainable way, lead him to co-found the music-licensing company Fossa Music. In Fossa Music, Kane has curated a diverse catalog of original, high-quality music by putting together an impressive network of independent musicians and producers.

We also welcome outside engineers.

If you are interested in engineering, assisting, or a possible internship- please E-mail us at or call the Studio at 917-353-1863.