Studio Info

Scheduling, Booking, & Rates

The hourly book rate is $75/hour

The day rate is $500

A 'Lock-Out' is 24-hours & is different from a 'Day'. Lock-outs should be discussed with the Studio in advance.

There are no additional equipment fees but any materials used such as analog tape, drumheads, etc. are extra.

When scheduling at The Garden, we differentiate between a 'Hold' and a 'Booking'. A 'Hold' is time penciled on the studio schedule; a 'Booking' means it is your time without question.

'Holds' are not 'Booked' until a 50% deposit against all time is received.

You may call & 'Hold' time at any point. This allows you flexibility- but keep in mind that the engineer and/or an assistant must be booked also, so do not wait until the last minute to book.

If you are holding time, we will typically call you 3 days before to confirm if you have not yet 'Booked' the time.


Holds vs Bookings- if someone else calls requesting your time on 'Hold', they will be given a 'Second-Hold' on that time; however if they want to 'Book' or 'Buy' that time (or any portion of your 'Hold') then you will be called first & given the right of first refusal. However- you will be given no more than 24 hours to respond. If we cannot reach you for any reason then we will release your hold & sell the time. If you do respond & wish to keep the time then you must 'Book' or buy the time immediately. This means placing a 50% deposit at that time against all time challenged. If the time in question is within 3 days, then you are only given one hour to respond.

If you are bringing your own Engineer then you must have one of our assistants for at least a day or two- or until we feel your engineer is completely comfortable with the SSL console including the automation & recall, the patchbays & tie-lines, and all the outboard gear & tape machines. We also reserve the right to require you to have an assistant for the entirety of your sessions.

We do not release files, tapes, or any media until your sessions are paid in full.

We accept PayPal but the client must cover the commission.

Downtime Deals

Want to take advantage of the studio's 'down-time'? Sign up or call us to register in advance and send us some examples of your music. When we have unplanned downtime, we'll give you a call first. Email us at or call us at 917-353-1863 to register.

Session Guidelines

If you are doing Overdubs or Mixing on an existing, previously recorded session, then audio file stems are the most foolproof way to get existing tracks to us for recording & mixing. Remember that we are a Hybrid studio with considerable analog outboard gear, so it is advantageous to work with audio files.

Please send us the individual tracks from your session printed (bounced down/exported) from bar one. We accept .wav, .aiff or SDII files. Make sure you keep the session sample rate when you print your stems and set the bit rate to 24bit. (Not 32bit float).

If burning a DVDr for us make sure it is mac compatible.

Important! - make sure you label all your tracks simply & correctly- and please don’t be ambiguous. Use common naming formats like ‘GTR 1’, GTR 2’, ‘Lead Vox’, etc. when possible.

Remove all FX and processing apart from what you think is completely necessary and important to the song. For instance, if you have a guitar sound that is unique due to heavy processing or plug-ins, then bounce it down as an audio file keeping that unique sound so it is maintained. If you’d like, you can also send a dry version of that individual track, in case we may be able to improve the sound.

Please print any MIDI or virtual instrument tracks to audio; we prefer to work with audio files & it simplifies things greatly.

Please make sure that there is no clipping or distortion when printing your tracks. Adjust your track fader so the meter is reading around -7dB. That way we have plenty of headroom to play with.

Provide a ‘Rough-Mix’ for reference, if you wish.

Provide extensive notes and references for your engineer. Get all your thoughts and ideas about your track into an email or document and perhaps send or bring a couple of reference MP3s of tracks you admire and think relevant. The Engineer is also happy to discuss any questions or ideas with you, so please feel free to call the studio and request a chat.

What we can deliver:

  • 24bit/44.1 khz (or higher) un-mastered mix
  • 24bit/44.1 khz (or higher) mastered mix if requested *
  • Half-inch analog 2-Track at 15 and/or 30 IPS if requested *
  • Quarter-inch analog 2-track at 15 and/or 30 IPS if requested *
  • We can also provide higher sample rate mixes but this should be discussed ahead of time. Typically your mix will be based on your session sample rate; so whatever rate you chose, we would follow.
  • High quality MP3 (16 bit - 320kbs) for iPhone, etc.
  • DVDr backup of your mix session if requested *
  • Vocal up, vocal down and instrumental/accapella mix versions if requested *
  • Finished mixes downloadable online or shippable if requested *
  • We do not consider ourselves a mastering house but we do have a number of mastering quality compressors and equalizers

* additional costs may apply