The Art of Engineering

The first thing you’ll notice about The Garden is a lot of analog equipment-
that's because we’ve been collecting equipment for over 15 years & the engineers & composers share what they have. The studio has become the ultimate workshop for fellow artists, producers, mix engineers, & composers.

And we have great digital technology too- including an SSL AWS console that offers not only the SSL sound, automation, & recall but also takes complete tactile control of your Pro Tools or Logic session.

We maintain a number of well cared for Studer tape machines, a nice collection of instruments including vintage keyboards & synths, guitars, amps, drum kits, percussion, & a dozen snare drums- and we have a great selection of both new & vintage microphones.

Built on two levels of a 19th century brownstone in Brooklyn, the studio has a warm, comfortable atmosphere- from the original brick walls to an old marble fireplace- and there’s a private outdoor garden for relaxing & taking a break. 

So please have a look around the site- and call us at 917-353-1863 or E-mail us at to find out more about the studio, our engineers, scheduling, or any questions you may have.